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ScaleTrains acquires Fox Valley Models, announces upcoming production of N ES44 GEVO, hopper

June 17, 2022 / Updated July 25, 2023

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ScaleTrains announced today that it acquired Fox Valley Models, a small Midwest model manufacturer specializing in HO- and N-scale model trains. It then announced upcoming runs of two FVM N-scale models – the GE ES44 GEVO locomotive and Trinity RD-4 Coal Hopper.

Just over a year ago, FVM owner Matt Gaudynski joined ScaleTrains as a full-time senior product developer focused on bringing the ex-M.T.H. Trains HO- and S-scale tooling back to market as well as expanding ScaleTrains’ N-scale offerings of several new locomotives and freight cars.

With the acquisition of Fox Valley Models, ScaleTrains announced upcoming runs of two models, including the GE ES44 GEVO locomotive in N scale. – ScaleTrains

ScaleTrains purchased some of M.T.H. Trains’ assets in late 2020.

ScaleTrains owner Shane Wilson said it became apparent that the company would make a good home for the Fox Valley line. Gaudynski will continue to work on product development.

“We’re thankful to have Matt on the ScaleTrains product development team,” Wilson said. “Matt brings several decades of experience with a wide range of skills from retail to distribution to manufacturing. He’s also a passionate N- and S-scale modeler, which is important because we really see tremendous growth for our company in these areas.”

Wilson added that work is already under way on new runs of the GE ES44 GEVO and Trinity RD-4 Hopper. ESU LokSound 5 Sound will be added to the locomotive, and all details will be factory installed.

The Gevo will be produced in two BNSF Heritage III schemes (“25th Anniversary” and “Next Fuel”), three CSX versions (“Pride in Service,” “Safety Train” and “YN3 Boxcar”), Florida East Coast “Champion,” GE “Next Fuel” and Iowa Interstate “30th Anniversary.”

Gaudynski said the newest release of the GE ES44 GEVO will appeal to a broader range of modelers.

“When the Fox Valley Models GE ES44 was introduced in 2009, it was revolutionary,” he said. “With road name-specific cabs, trucks, bodies, headlight placement and handrails, the new GEVO could closely match a number of railroads all in a single new locomotive release,”

The RD-4 Coal Hopper will be produced in BNSF Heritage III, Chicago & North Western, Norfolk Southern, Trinity Leasing (TILX) and Union Pacific “Building America.”

The coal hoppers are expected next spring. Delivery of the GEVO is expected in winter 2023.

Production will continue at FVM’s current factories.

Gaudynski said FVM is in good hands at ScaleTrains.

“I’m happy to be part of the team,” he said, “and look forward to continuing the Fox Valley Models brand under the ScaleTrains umbrella.”

New FVM products will be available directly from ScaleTrains.com as well as the Select Retailer network. Models will carry ScaleTrains’ standard one-year warranty. The warranty is automatically extended to two years when buying directly from ScaleTrains and can be extended for purchases made at select retailers by registering online.

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