Product Review: Walthers Modern Yard Office

By TIM BLACKWELL/Cowcatcher Magazine Railroads, especially smaller ones, utilize resources as best they can to minimize costs. This may include refitting a boxcar or centerbeam as storage or an office when the equipment is beyond its useful life as a freight carrier. Converting a boxcar into an office may not always be easy. Once the car is decommissioned, trucks have to be removed and the frame supported by blocks or some other system. Doors and windows must be cut into the side and the interior finished out. The abundance of industrial containers used for intermodal shipping provide an easier option. Once taken out of service they are simply put on a plot of land and the remodeling begins. With some Sheetrock, paint, HVAC and plumbing, the railroad quickly and easily has a new usable space. In many cases, conversions are done by specialty companies, and containers are delivered “ready to … Continue reading Product Review: Walthers Modern Yard Office