Product Review – Walthers Switch Machine

By TIM BLACKWELL/Cowcatcher Magazine        Over the summer, industry buzz began intensifying about Walthers’ new Layout Control System, the under-table-mounted switching approach that’s virtually plug and play. After installing a slow-motion Vertical Switch Machine on one of the nine turnouts on the Cowcatcher’s Northwest Tarrant & Pacific, we understand why. The system is a step above similar under-table-mount products that require soldering and running wires for HO, N, Z, S and O scales. Walthers sent the Cowcatcher a complete starter system,which includes the switch machine, distribution block, two-amp/12-volt filtered DC power supply, drill set and a dual bi-color LED fascia turnout controller.We did not receive equipment to adapt stall motor switch machines, like the popular Tortoise turnout system, which was due in late 2018. The factory-assembled, servo-based unit is easy to install,using plug-in cables to and from the machine and distribution block to an independent power source. The system can be powered … Continue reading Product Review – Walthers Switch Machine